As an operator of a medical facility, you must ensure that your biomedical devices are as productive as possible. Your Healthcare Technology Management program should ensure that components function smoothly even under harsh conditions. To maintain consistently high performance, installed products and systems must undergo regular inspections and maintenance by qualified service experts.  However:

Eagle Medical’s technicians have the experience, training, and knowledge to provide corrective maintenance on your most complex biomedical equipment as well as the regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and calibration of your core biomedical devices. Our service area includes most of the western United States for on-site service and all of the lower 48 for off-site pack/ship service at our repair depot in California.

About Us

Eagle Medical Inc. was founded in 1992 as a contract manufacturer specializing in the packaging and terminal sterilization of medical devices.  Eagle has evolved and grown through the years with added capabilities, floorspace, automation technology, and headcount. The addition of ASP certified biomedical equipment technicians to service in-house and OEM sterilization equipment led to the expansion of those service offerings to include hospitals and other medical care facilities.

Today, Eagle Medical has 42 employees, a 20,000 Sq Ft production and repair depot, and the capability to provide BMET services at scale in the western states. We appreciate the opportunity to become your preferred vendor for the outsourced service and maintenance of your biomedical equipment.

Eagle Medical GSM Rate Sheet

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    Minimizing downtime is key to sustainable success in any industry. Eagle Medical GSM provides the basis for greater productivity, flexibility, and efficiency with technology-based services throughout the life cycle of a biomedical device. In-depth technology and product knowledge, as well as industry expertise with a network of experts ensure a considerable competitive edge.

    From forceps to fluoroscopes, our expert technicians diagnose, service, repair, and maintain the critical devices that your staff and patients rely on every day. For the fastest response from the highest-skilled technicians, and your first hour of onsite service time FREE, contact us at the number below.